What We Do

What We Do

Mission Statement

Providing assistance for Coachella Valley Residents living with Multiple Sclerosis, Helping Clients Live Stronger Longer.


ACT for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the premier resource for individuals in the Coachella Valley who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. We offer clients a variety of programs and services to help them live with MS, its symptoms and debilities by providing the tools and resources necessary to successfully improve their quality of life while living with this incurable medical condition.

Our major client programs, designed to help our clients live stronger longer, include:

  • Strength training, exercise and cardiovascular health programs
  • Therapeutic and flexible massage
  • Adaptive yoga
  • Aquatic therapy for those with mobility issues
  • Educational seminars and workshops
  • Assistance with equipment products designed to improve safety, mobility and independence (wheelchairs, walkers, motorized scooters, et al)
  • Electric bill & home and car air conditioning repair bill assistance program - financial need criteria applies
  • Quarterly support education luncheons and monthly gatherings to help offset loneliness and depression

We provide quality assistance that makes a meaningful difference to people with MS and their family members. ACT for MS provides unique alternatives for the management of MS, regardless of income.  ACT for MS has been providing client programs since 1999. Our individualized approach and dedication to local program services for local area clients is our hallmark. For additional information, please contact us at (760) 773-9806, or e-mail us at [email protected].