Mobility Aid/Device Assistance

Mobility Aid/Device Assistance

Those with Multiple Sclerosis often have impairment of the lower extremities and therefore require the use of some form of assistive device to remain mobile. This program provides financial assistance in obtaining the appropriate device for the individual’s needs.

ACT for MS will provide financial assistance to those qualified active clients whose health insurance or disability program does not cover the cost of mobility aids or devices. Examples of items that may be covered under this program are walkers, wheelchairs, scooters, home assist aids (grab bars), etc. In addition, ACT for MS owns a group of scooters that are available for clients to borrow for up to 90 days.

All currently active client members of ACT for MS, who are income qualified, are eligible to participate in this program. ACT for MS must have a completed Client Application and Physical Therapy Evaluation on file. These are to be renewed each year in order to maintain Active status. The client must complete the Application for Financial Assistance form and provide proof of individual income. Additionally, prior to submitting a request to ACT for MS, the client must have made application or request to their respective health insurance or disability insurance provider to obtain the required aid or device.

From time to time, there may be restraints on availability of equipment or funds for the program. In these instances a prospective participant may be placed on a waiting list for the program.

Application for Assistance