Electric Bill Assistance

Electric Bill Assistance

The Utility Assistance Program offers financial assistance by paying a portion of the Electric Utility bill during the higher usage summer months. Many persons with Multiple Sclerosis exhibit sensitivity to extreme temperatures. The result is often a worsening of symptoms related to mobility, fatigue, the ability to concentrate, etc.

Being located in the Coachella Valley, extremely high temperatures are common during the summer months, resulting in increased demand for cooling in the home. The resulting increase in electricity usage may result in a financial hardship for clients of ACT for MS. This program provides assistance with electric utility bills for the months of June, July, August, and September.

To qualify for this program the individual must be an active client member of ACT for MS.

Prior to enrollment, the client must have completed application to their respective Utility Company for Medical Baseline adjustments for utility costs. Imperial Irrigation District (IID) and Southern California Edison (SCE) both have a program increasing the Tier 1 baseline providing you with up to 50% more electricity at the lowest rate. Having Multiple Sclerosis automatically qualifies you for these plans.

From time to time, there may be restraints on the availability of funding for this program.

Coachella Valley Energy Assistance Resources

Medical Energy Assistance Program, MEAP at IID - http://www.iid.com/energy/financial-assistance/medical-equipment-assistance

Medical Baseline at SCE - https://www.sce.com/wps/portal/home/residential/assistance/medical-baseline

They both also have programs that provide 20-30% discounts on your bill based on a number of qualifiers including income levels based on family size.

Residential Energy Assistance Program, REAP at IID - http://www.iid.com/energy/financial-assistance/residential-program

CARE at SCE - https://www.sce.com/wps/portal/home/residential/assistance/care-fera

You can phone for further information and find out about other programs that may be available.

IID - 1-800-303-7766 or 1-760-339-9032 (REAP representative)

SCE – 1-800-655-4555 Customer Service

You can print the applications from the websites or we also have applications available in the office for both companies programs.

Completing these applications for MEAP or Medical Baseline and qualifying for the CARE or REAP programs will then qualify you for the ACT for MS Utility Assistance Program. There will be no separate income request form required by ACT.

The Gas Company's Medical Baseline Allocation
Additional gas allowance at "baseline" rate for specific illnesses that include Multiple Sclerosis.
To learn more, call 800-331-7593. Click to apply with SoCal Gas.

The Gas Company's CARE Program (California Alternative Rates for Energy)
Provides 20% discount on monthly gas bills for eligible households.
To learn more, call 800-331-7593. Click to apply with SoCal Gas