Aquatic Exercise and Training

Aquatic Exercise and Training

The Aquatic Exercise and Training Program provides additional and/or alternative forms of exercise using water-based aerobic and balance techniques. Whether combined with, or used independent of the Enhanced Strength Training Program, the goal of the program is to maintain or improve the strength, balance and flexibility of each enrolled client.

ACT for MS will provide Aquatic Exercise (aka Water Aerobics) sessions at one of the designated local facilities.

  1. Clients may attend weekly group sessions held at the Palm Desert Aquatic Center. These sessions are available on Saturdays. Start times of the sessions may vary throughout the year.
  2. Clients may attend group sessions held at InShape Fitness. These sessions are offered six days a week at various times in accordance with a published schedule. Attendance at InShape Fitness requires that the client be a member through the ACT for MS membership program.
  3. Clients with mobility restrictions or severe balance issues, may require a more focused routine than the group sessions. In these cases, the client may be eligible to receive a one-on-one session in the pool with a qualified water exercise instructor.

All currently Active client members of ACT for MS are eligible to participate in this program. ACT for MS must have a completed Client Application and Physical Therapy Evaluation on file. These are to be renewed each year in order to maintain Active status. In addition, the client requires written permission from their neurologist, and have completed waiver of liability.

Neurologist Release
Liability Release
Aquatic Center Release Form